Music Monday: A Fine Frenzy - Now is the Start

Start your day and start your week with a positive message.  Move, groove, and let a positive beat lift you up and get you in a good head space for a good week.  Up in the Northern Hemisphere it's the first week of Autumn this week, and I felt like this was a perfect song for us up north as well as for my friends in the South welcoming in Spring.  

This week is a mix between soft sounds and upbeat rhythm.  It's the song Now is the Start by A Fine Frenzy.  It's a perfect song to welcome in the Autumn Season or the Spring Season.  

I first heard of this song through the amazing and ever inspiring Cara Sharp.  She's a beacon of love, hope, and inspiration as well as an example of what happens when those qualities come together with ambition, brilliance, and dedication.  She's the author of The Wandalyns, the creator of many works of art, and a practitioner of Reiki which she offers from the Anam Cara Healing House or from a distance.  If you aren't part of her circle yet, I'd recommend checking her out. 

What does this song bring up for you?  Are you like me and the Fall season represents its own new starts?  I'd love to hear how it resonated with you in the comments below.  If you have a song you'd like featured on Music Mondays send me the link on my contact page

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