Music Monday: Danielle Ate the Sandwich - On the Street Where you Live

Start your day and start your week with a positive message.  Move, groove, and let a positive beat lift you up and get you in a good head space for a good week.

No matter how old I get, there is always an element of Back-to-School to September.  For this week I set out looking for a song to share that was by a young person with big dreams, and was more about the passion of the artist rather than the following.  I was shocked to see that this beautiful cover of "On the Street Where you Live" which you might recognise as a song from My Fair Lady has under 10,000 views.  If you love Danielle Ate the Sandwich and this cover as much as I do, share this video with your circle.  Imagine if our little Music Monday for uplifting ourselves could help get this lovely young artist to that fun 10,000 views benchmark.  

This is a wonderful song to listen to to get your day going.  It's catchy, it's full of love, it's full of hope, and it's from one of the greatest musicals of all-time.

What does this song bring up for you?  I'd love to hear how it resonated with you in the comments below.  If you have a song you'd like featured on Music Mondays send me the link on my contact page

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