Music Monday: One Direction - History

Start your day and start your week with a positive message.  Move, groove, and let a positive beat lift you up and get you in a good head space for a good week.

Winter is all about letting go, releasing, rebuilding, and getting ready for the rejuvenation of the spring.  I think this is a super cute song One Direction Made for their fans and for themselves as they announced that they were breaking up the band.  I love that their message is all about hope and that one kind of ending doesn't mean it's The End.  It's also just a fun tune to get ready to in the morning.  

What does this song bring up for you?  Are there things you're afraid of letting go of because it would be The End?  Who do you have a lot of history with where an ending would really only signify the beginning of something else??  I'd love to hear how it resonated with you in the comments below.  If you have a song you'd like featured on Music Mondays send me the link on my contact page

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