Music Monday: Marconi Union - Weightless

Start your day and start your week with a positive message.  This week is a little different, and I'm choosing a song for you to relax too.  If you don't have time to have a quiet ten minutes of relaxing, meditative music I'd recommend listening in when you have those ten minutes.

This week I've chosen Weightless by Marconi Union.  The video is meditative to watch, but the music on its own is also beautiful.  So either close your eyes or watch the video, and enjoy your ten minutes of peace.  If you have the time in the morning to do this practice, I'd be curious to hear how the rest of your day goes.  Starting out slow and meditative is also a way to boost your mood and get you revved up for a good day and a good week.  

As the saying goes, if you feel you don't have ten minutes to go slow and unwind it's likely you're the person who would most benefit from this.  This song is a departure from my usual weekly song, so I understand if this goes against the grain too much.  In fact, I anticipated that so I've included an upbeat song for you at the end of this post.  I trust it'll suffice and bring smiles to the faces who want a tune in the washroom to groove to while they put their messy buns in and get ready to take on the day.  What song is it, you ask?  Wake Me Up Before you Go Go by Wham! 

I hope you enjoy one or both of these songs this week, and that your Music Monday sets the tone for you having a great day and week.

What does this song bring up for you?  I'd love to hear how it resonated with you in the comments below.  If you have a song you'd like featured on Music Mondays send me the link on my contact page

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