Music Monday: Train - Play That Song

Start your day and start your week with a positive message.  Move, groove, and let a positive beat lift you up and get you in a good head space for a good week.

This week is a happy little pop song from Train: Play that Song.  

I usually hear it in my vehicle on my way to work in the morning, and when it comes on I usually find myself feeling happy and singing along.  It also gives me a moment to reminisce about going out dancing all night long in my twenties and hoping so much for the dj to be playing my favourite songs.  Why is dancing so great?  As most people in the West get older they stop dancing, but take a look back on most cultures and you'll find that dance is a part of so many celebrations.  Moving your body is a good way to release, to rid your body of stress, and to welcome in feeling good.

What does this song bring up for you?  Do you love or hate pop music?  A teenager once told me that life is too short not to listen to fun pop songs, and so that's my general view of pop music now: life is just far too short not to have some uplifting poppy tunes to enjoy.  I'd love to hear how it resonated with you in the comments below.  If you have a song you'd like featured on Music Mondays send me the link on my contact page

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