Flex Your Creativity

Isn't it wonderful to be living in a time when we no longer wonder if creativity is important?  

We know it is, yet we're also living in a time when we're not quite sure how to put creativity back into our daily lives.  Without realising it, we accidentally planned it out.  We sacrificed recess for more time focusing on academics in our schools and we sacrificed having art in our offices for having a bigger bottom line.

But that's starting to change.  There are schools all around the world who are recognising that kids do better when they play and that adults do better when they're working in an environment that is uplifting.

It got me thinking that adding creativity back in to our daily lives can be something we all start doing in our own small way.  For you it could be experimenting with different recipes or spices for dinner or sitting down with a craft project you found on Pinterest.  If your Pinterest project goes serious sideways just look up Pinterest fails and add yours to the collection.

When we experiment with creativity we become far more open to outcome which makes us less rigid, more curious, and more ambitious.

So what can you do this week to flex your creativity muscles?  I'd love to hear what you decide to do!

Talia CamozziComment