Talia Camozzi

Healing is in you.  It always has been.


My message is one of hope, healing, and transcendence

I believe that Speaking to an Audience is a powerful way to share a message

It has been a blessing and an honour to speak to different groups in different venues.  While my stories I share change to suit the moment, my core values that come out during my speaking events remain constant.  I believe that healing is within you and it always has been.

My core values are that:

  • every person is worthy of love, acceptance, and care no matter what their life circumstances are.
  • even when you are unsure, unstable, and unsteady that there is grace, hope, and healing available to us.
  • life is more mystical, more lovely, and more healing than we could ever fully understand.

I love sharing my message and I would love to talk to you about speaking at your next event!  


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