Talia Camozzi

Healing is in you.  It always has been.


My message is one of hope, healing, and transcendence

I Know that Speaking to an Audience is a powerful way to share a message

It has been a blessing and an honor to speak to different groups in different venues.  While the stories I share change to suit the moment, my core values that come out during my speaking events remain constant.  I believe that healing is within you and it always has been.

My core beliefs are that:

  • every person is worthy of love, acceptance, and care no matter what their life circumstances are.
  • even when you are unsure, unstable, and unsteady that there is grace, hope, and healing available to you.
  • life is more mystical, more lovely, and more healing than we could ever fully understand.

I love sharing my message and I would love to talk to you about speaking at your next event!  

Some of the topics I've spoke on include business, self care, chronic illness, and mental health

Audience members have often said that they left feeling a stronger connection to themselves, their loved ones, and a renewed sense of vigor for their most heartfelt goals.  This along with self forgiveness, self compassion, and self love on the rise from within.

I have spoken at private and public events.  Some of the opportunities I've had to speak have been at the Yorkville University Vancouver Campus opening as one of their two distinguished alumnis, at several AGM's, at speaking competitions, and at school district professional development training.


Are you ready to talk about having me speak at your next event?

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