Talia Camozzi

Flourish Like the World Depends on You Thriving


Hello Healer

I know you have big dreams

We're probably a lot alike, you and I.  Flourish was created to work for people like us, people who have chosen a career path in healing.  My dream for you is to be able to have the space within you to go after your dreams.  It's my experience that space is created within you as your self care, self love, self compassion, and self healing expands.  

We see this all the time in our work; people grow, blossom, and flourish when they are given nurturing  support.  I know you love helping others get to new heights in their life, yet as a healer sometimes I know it is hard to give that same level of care to yourself. 

What happens to your clients or patients when they start healing?  Do they start feeling more peaceful, more hopeful, and more limitless?  That's often what I see, and I believe that it is possible for everyone to step into their greatness.  You've seen it in your office, but do you believe yet that it is possible for you?

Say it with me: I deserve the same loving care I so freely give to others.  I deserve to put myself first and go after my dreams.  I deserve to flourish.


Why do Healers not Spend Time on Their Own Healing?

Our culture seems to celebrate overwork, perfection, and mindless consumption.  You're not exempt from the culture we live in just because you're a healer.  Heck you're not exempt even if you know better, and I'm guessing that you know better.

I've noticed that a lot of people working in the health, healing, and wellness field have this sense that they need to be perfect in order to be good at what they do.  There is a sense that so many of us have that in order to be helpful to others that we cannot have our own struggles, so we ignore our own wounds and pretend all is well.  Of course your clients' sessions should be about them, but when you do not work on yourself there is less space to help your clients. There is less space to be mindfully present with your clients when your own energy is pained.   

Overwork comes up for healers in two ways.  The first is that you may find yourself saying yes to too many clients and/or altering your rates to fees that are not reasonable for you.  The second is that you already have a full time job and you are building your practice up in your "spare" time.  There are some easy and some not-so-easy solutions to overwork, but the result of overwork seems to be the same.  Overwork breeds overwork.  When you get used to overworking, the pace you are at can start to seem normal.  It can also become increasingly difficult to say no as fatigue sets in and boundaries disappear.

Mindless consumption creeps in as our mini therapists.  Mindless consumption is when we take in things for a quick feel-good moment.  We are all consumers, yet when we mindlessly consume we end up with a lot of junk.  I know I'm not the only one who has gone out shopping, spent a bunch of money and felt great, only to return home with things that I largely did not need.  These momentary fixes can become "highs" that we depend on to feel good, but imagine what it might be like to feel a deep well of joy that this kind of consumption was no longer necessary.

Say it with me:  I deserve to have joy in my life.  I deserve to dwell in my self care and have it expand me.


Is Flourish Right for You?

The people I work with in Flourish have been called to the healing/helping profession.  You know that you have powerful work to do, and that there are people out there who will be so grateful to find you.

You also know the secret to your own peace, happiness, and success lies in your deep personal work.

Past clients have told me that they have developed a deep and lasting peace within, the knowledge that they will be okay, and that when they accepted themselves fully it made the "hard work" a beautiful experience they cherished that ultimately led to living a more aligned and flourishing life. 

You have likely noticed some issues in your practice like:

  • not being able to say no.
  • feeling exhausted/drained especially after clients/patients with more extreme traumas or stories you personally relate to. 
  • feeling like a fraud/impostor.
  • wondering if you are actually helping your clients/patients because you don't feel like you are good enough.

In your time with me we go from these feelings of doubt and unresolved past to being more in the flow with your own life path so you can start stepping into your own greatness and walk the talk you know so well that self love, self care, owning your value, and making yourself a priority will help you start thriving on all levels.

Say it with me: I am ready to answer the call of my heart and embrace my own healing.


What you get when you choose Flourish

Flourish is a 6 month program, and it includes a lot of goodness that I personalise just for you.  We meet entirely online, but if we ever find ourselves in the same locale we can schedule an in person session.  You get:

  1. 12 1 hour calls with me where we go deep into what your needs are.
  2. 6 20 minute power sessions where we focus on one aspect of your healing or business.
  3. 6 emails with a response time that is usually under 24 hours.
  4. Access to worksheets/video/writing that is currently only available to my clients in this program.

The value in this program is incredible.  All healing is ultimately self healing, and I will be there with you every step of the way as you embrace healing, transcend your pain, and step into your aligned and flourishing life.



Ready to join?