Talia Camozzi

Registered clinical Counsellor, Ma (Counselling Psychology)

I work with people to help them build a sense of peace, ease, and purpose in their lives. I was originally a scientist, but I switched careers after several major life events in my mid twenties. I went back to school and after achieving a Master’s of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology, I found my life’s work through working with people in a mental health capacity. Many things have informed how I see people, but perhaps none more than my earliest experiences in life when I spent extended periods in the hospital and was exposed to the unexpected and unfair hardships that many people and families have to face. That life lesson has stayed with me and has always shaped how I see people; as wonderful, flawed, deeply human, and always capable of rekindling hope even when hope itself feels out of reach. I know that we all have a wonderful life that is ready for us, and it is my pure joy to help people move through and beyond their current and past issues and live the life they’ve been desiring.